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Raw Anthracite & Calcined Anthracite for Steel Industry and Foundry

Manufacturer, trader, and exporter of ANTHRACITE: RAW ANTHRACITE & CALCINED ANTHRACITE in India.

Applications of Raw Anthracite & Calcined Anthracite.

Applications in Steel.

  1. Raw Anthracite (RA) Pellets Briquettes used as replacement to anthracite coal.

  2. RA Raw Anthracite & CAC calcined anthracite used for carbon addition in Ladle furnace.

Applications in Foundry 

  1. Carbon additive in CI and SG (Spheroidal graphite) Iron casting

  2. Commercially superior alternative to CPC

  3. Replacement to shell coke and GPC with correct blend as per Sulphur requirement.

Minimum Order Quanity 1000 kg.

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